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Business Foundations: The Building Blocks of Business Society

In today’s competitive job market, knowledge of the field isn’t the only tra [ ... ]

New School of Business Dean a Quick Study

Maury Peiperl admits he still is in “learning mode.” The dean of George Ma [ ... ]

Double Major Aspires to Give Back to Family, Community

When asked what she values most in life, Tuba Mansoor doesn’t hesitate to answ [ ... ]

In the News

Consumer Technology Association Hires School of Business Alumna as VP of U.S. Jobs

September 6—Twice
Jennifer Taylor was appointed CTA's vice president of U.S. Jobs. She earned her MBA from Mason.

The Plight of the Modern Honeybee: A Not-so-Sweet Story

August 31—Local DVM
George Mason University’s Honey Bee Initiative works to ensure the survival of pollinators through educational and economic opportunities.

J.P. Auffret featured Guest on Practical Security Radio

August 25—Practical Security Radio
J.P. Auffret, director of Research Partnerships & Grants Initiative, discusses cybersecurity and emerging technologies.