George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

The area of finance encompasses concepts and techniques utilized by individuals, businesses and government agencies in making decisions about acquiring and investing funds. Finance also deals with those institutions that individuals and organizations need to carry out their financial activities.

Finance majors enjoy great demand in the labor market because they take the lead in making decisions concerning asset valuation, initial public offerings, stock portfolios, financial statements, dividend policy, market regulation, international diversification, and capital budgeting. The finance degree program is designed to prepare students for professional, managerial, or investment careers in the private and public sectors.

Graduates in finance find jobs in corporate and public finance, investment banking, commercial banks and credit unions, mutual funds, portfolio management, venture capital, Federal and state government regulatory agencies such as the Federal Reserve Board, FDIC, SEC and Treasury Department, securities trading, and personal financial banking.


Skills Needed  
•Work in teams/independently •Initiative
•Work under pressure •Interpersonal communication
•Analytical ability •Managing people
•Commitment •Negotiation
•Creativity •Persuasive
•Data Analysis •Problem solving
•Information gathering •Strategic thinking