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Financial Management Association (FMA)

Joining Financial Management Association (FMA) will provide new depth and dimension to your finance education. some of the benefits of membership include contact with finance professionals, professors, and other driven students; information and help with your career path; opportunities to demonstrate leadership; access to numerous publications rich in financial knowledge; and recognition through the FMA National Honor Society.

To be eligible for the FMA National Honor Society, the Mason chapter of FMA requires completion of 12 or more credit hours of finance coursework (beyond FNAN 301), with an average GPA of 3.5 or better in those courses. Mason's growing FMA chapter is a student run organization and encourages Finance majors to help design a variety of activities. For more information about the Financial Management Association, click here.

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Finance Labs (FNAN 301)

In FNAN 301 we use a Lecture-Lab format. You attend a lecture one day a week and a lab the other day of the week that reinforces the material covered in the lecture by working problems and doing financial analysis.

Finance Tutor Assistance

The finance area receives many requests from finance undergraduate students and MBA students in need of tutoring assistance, and as a courtesy we provide contact information for tutors as they become available. The size of the list depends upon the response from students who are asked to participate.

Finance Internships

The finance area is working with employers from our community to build a strong base of internship opportunities for our majors. Employers look for graduates to hire who not only excel academically, but who also have real world experience. Participating in an internship provides our juniors and seniors an opportunity to increase their marketability upon graduation.