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The finance area receives many requests from finance undergraduate students and MBA students in need of tutoring assistance, and as a courtesy we provide contact information for tutors as they become available. The size of the list depends upon the response from students who are asked to participate.

Tutors listed here were chosen based upon excellent grades and good academic standing. However, we have not certified any of the tutors listed and cannot guarantee the quality of the tutoring service provided. We are always interested in feedback regarding the quality of tutoring received however and welcome specific areas of finance where you might have the most need of help. So that we might find tutors to best meet your needs, so please do contact us with this information.

Fees charged and all other arrangements are to be worked out between the tutor and student—tutors are not paid by George Mason University or the School of Business. 

In addition to the names listed below, an extensive list of tutors for FNAN 301 is posted on that course's Blackboard page. These tutors performed at a high level in FNAN 301 and may be particularly helpful for students looking for help in the class.

Name Contact Info
Amanda Goldin

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Jason Levine

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Khaoula A. Mkaddem

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Mark Geist

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We make the following recommendations for both tutors and students seeking tutoring:

1. Students seeking tutoring should be certain to check the qualifications of the tutors before entering into a tutoring relationship.

2. Tutors and students should have a clear agreement about tutoring cost, frequency, cancellation policies and procedures, payment method, and mutually agreed-upon rules of communication. some recommendations for these agreements are listed below.

3. For personal safety and propriety we recommend that tutors and students seeking tutoring arrange a public meeting place and not meet in the home of either the student or the tutor. We also recommend that tutors and students maintain an entirely professional relationship with each other.

4. Tutoring is not a substitution for time spent studying, nor is it a guarantee of a certain outcome. Students and tutors should set realistic goals and expectations, and students seeking tutoring should do so in a timely and responsible manner.

5. A tutoring relationship is most productive when both parties treat each other with respect and courtesy. Establishing clear communication, goals, and expectations at the beginning of the relationship leads to a much more successful interaction for all involved.

Advice for Students

1. Scheduling: I understand that any tutor I contact may or may not be able to meet with me for our initial meeting within 2 or 3 days of my call, so I should plan ahead.

2. Meetings: I will be on time for all of my tutoring appointments. I understand that my tutor will reserve a certain amount of time arranged for our sessions and may not be able to meet with me beyond the original end time for each session.

3. Cancellations: I will contact my tutor via email or phone the day or evening before if I must cancel a session for any reason. I understand that if I have an emergency cancellation, I should still attempt to reach my tutor prior to the meeting time.

4. Preparation: I am responsible for being prepared to meet with my tutor. This preparation includes reading and reviewing text and/or class notes, attempting homework assignments, and/or preparing questions on concepts and material that are difficult for me. I realize that my tutor will not complete my homework assignments for me or lecture on course material I have not read.

Advice For Tutors

1. Taking on Students & Scheduling: I am responsible for responding in a timely manner to the phone calls or emails of students who have contacted me after viewing my advertisement on the SASC web tutor locator.

2. Confidentiality: I am responsible for keeping any information about my students, their issues, and their progress confidential at all times.

3. Keeping Track of Time Spent with Students and Getting Paid: I should decide on a payment plan before meeting with students. I should discuss this plan before our initial meeting and make sure that we both agree to this plan. We should discuss and agree upon a plan in case the student does not show up for one of our scheduled appointments.

4. Tutoring Meeting Locations: I should plan to meet all students in a public place and not in a student’s home or at my home.

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