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Gallagher, Michael

'94 MBA
President and Founder, The Stevie Awards

Gallagher founded The Stevie Awards in 2002, to honor the millions of business executives and workers worldwide who quietly accomplish innovative and extraordinary things in the workplace every day.  The company was named after the Greek name Stefanos, which means "crowned."

His commitment to honoring excellence was sparked during his tenure as Vice President of The New York Festivals, organizer of the some of the world’s largest international awards competitions for film, television, advertising, and other media. Under his leadership, The New York Festivals significantly expanded its global influence by adding new awards competitions in fields such as radio and print advertising.

“When I decided to apply to Mason it was because I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and I wanted to find out,” said Gallagher.

When asked what most surprised him about his experience, Gallagher answered, “Honestly, how much I didn’t want it end. I had withdrawal symptoms for about a year after graduation.”