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Gupta, Suren

’98 MBA
Executive Vice President and Group CIO, Wells Fargo

Gupta has nearly twenty years of experience in the financial services and telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Wells Fargo he was a founding partner and head of Operations and Technology for AirClic, a company that delivered wireless internet services to handheld devices globally. His experience also includes serving as senior vice president and head of Technology for GMAC where he was responsible for overall systems and technologies for GMAC Mortgage, Real Estate and Relocation, and Banking. Gupta also has served as head of Sales and Marketing for Intelsat, the largest satellite telecommunications services provider in the world.

Gupta served on advisory boards for 3Com, Palm, Fannie Mae, General Motors, BVI Capital, Hewlett-Packard, and MIT Sloan School of Business.

When asked what surprised him the most about his Mason experience, Gupta says, “The knowledge of the faculty members and the hands-on knowledge on how academic topics relate to real world situations. It is a great learning environment, and one that is easily comparable to the best in business education anywhere in the world.”