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Wesselman, Terri J.

'91 BS in Business Administration
President and CEO, OMNIPLEX World Services Corporation

Co-founder of OMNIPLEX, Wesselman has more than twenty-eight years of business experience. In her time at OMNIPLEX, Wesselman has been instrumental in all aspects of its growth and profitability, emphasizing strategic planning, business development, information technology, accounting, human resources, financial management, pricing and contract administration.

Prior to establishing OMNIPLEX, Wesselman worked for some of the largest government contractor and international consulting firms, including Lockheed Martin, DynCorp and CAP Gemini America in various capacities, rising quickly to the ranks of management and serving as Deputy Director of Information Technology, Assistant Controller, Principal Consultant and Vice President of Operations.

When asked what her advice to students and fellow alumni, Wesselman stated, “Start your own business. Being an entrepreneur is financially rewarding and it allows you to determine your future success. It also allows you to be a good steward to the community.”