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Sims, Dan

'07 MBA
Founder, THE AGENCY Speakers LLC

Dan Sims's company arose out of one of his first projects in the Mason MBA Program: a business plan competition. Sims says, “As I began to prepare my plan for the competition, it became clear that I was on to something. That something ultimately became the Sims Management Group and then THE AGENCY Speakers LLC.” THE AGENCY Speakers is a full-service speaker agency and talent management company that specializes in the representation, placement, and management of keynote speakers and entertainers.

In 1999, Sims came to a turning point in his career when a colleague recommended him for a program consultant position at Leading Authorities Inc. It was there that Sims began to learn the talent business and worked as a liaison between associations, corporations, and schools looking for speakers and entertainment for their events. Six years later, Sims decided to pursue the Mason MBA because he knew there were many things he didn’t know about business.

Sims began THE AGENCY Speakers while pursuing his MBA and says he found that each class significantly influenced his life as an entrepreneur. “I was surprised, and excited, by all the information I was exposed to daily,” says Sims. Although the initial challenges were tough, Sims says that the start was “the combination of very hard work, very good fortune, and timing!”

When asked about his experience at Mason, Sims says, “Without question the most rewarding experience was the exposure to such a diverse and ambitious student body. My colleagues were some of the most interesting and creative people I have ever met, and their willingness to discuss and debate issues was invaluable. With that being said, these discussions did not happen by accident. They were encouraged and facilitated by a fantastic faculty that knew how to bring out the best in our classes.”