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Rivera, Jennie

'07 MBA
Owner, Costa Rica Cycles

In 2008, Rivera and her husband opened Costa Rica Cycles, a bicycle shop focused on customer service that offers an upscale alternative to the usual mom-and-pop stores. As an undergraduate, Rivera, originally from Newport Beach, California, studied abroad for a semester in Costa Rica, knowing that someday she would open her own business with a connection to Latin America. Rivera chose to attend the Mason MBA Program because she was impressed with the curriculum, particularly the entrepreneurship and internationally focused classes.

“I hoped it would give me the tools and self-confidence I needed to start my own business,” Rivera says. “Before taking the entrepreneurship classes at Mason, my business plan was just an idea without any structure. These classes helped me define the business, put it to paper, and gain input from others. The leadership classes helped me gain the self-confidence I needed to move into a leadership position, and the core curriculum gave me the tools to operate a business.”

“What surprised me most about my Mason experience was that it truly helped me realize my dream of opening my own business. I am not usually a risk taker and would not have pursued this venture prior to my MBA….I will not regret the decision to open Costa Rica Cycles even if it fails and we lose our investment. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering, ‘What if we would have tried it?’”