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Beverage, Barbara

'06 EMBA
Patient Care Director, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Virginia Hospital

As a registered nurse for twenty-four years, Beverage proves that business acumen is a skill needed in all walks of life. She has been a critical care nurse for most of her career but moved in to administrative positions over the past five years. In her current position as Patient Care Director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit and Cardiovascular Stepdown Unit at Virginia Hospital in Arlington, Virginia, Beverage is responsible for front-line operational management of her units.

Beverage says, “The Mason School of Business degree has helped me as a leader responsible for several areas. I learned strategic planning, project management, human resources, accounting, finance, and other skills that I use nearly every day. Many directors and senior leaders outside of nursing have MBA’s and we share a common business language, leveling the field when we are competing for resources.”