George Mason UniversitySchool of Business

Giving Back

School of Business alumni play an essential role in the continued success of George Mason University and the School of Business. Here are six easy—yet important—ways for alumni to stay involved and contribute to the growing success of Mason and the School of Business.

Let Us Know Where You Are

It’s never been easier to keep your contact information updated with the new Mason Alumni online community to change your various mailing addresses, phone numbers, or email accounts. You’ll always be up-to-date on the latest, greatest events and news from the School of Business.


Share Your Expertise

Come speak in a classroom, sponsor a student internship, mentor a student, provide career advice...the possibilities and needs are endless. Your business experiences and knowledge make a world of difference in educating today’s business students. To make a connection with a faculty member, fill out the Leaders in the Classroom form.

Become Active in the School of Business Alumni Chapter

Your School of Business Alumni Chapter provides a wide range of programs and services that benefit students and alumni alike. To learn more about volunteer opportunities with both the chapter and the Mason Alumni Association, please contact Nikki Jerome at njerome@gmu.edu.

Refer Exceptional Students

Your willingness to refer the best and brightest students to both our graduate and undergraduate programs makes an extraordinary difference in both the quantity and quality of our student body. Keep your eyes and ears open for students that would benefit from all Mason and the School and Business have to offer, and refer your friends or colleagues to mba@gmu.edu.

Invest In Your School

Making an annual gift to the School of Business is one simple way to stay connected and help ensure that the School will continue to offer even greater educational opportunities for its students. Make a gift to the School of Business.

Recruit Our Graduates

Advocate for the hiring of School of Business grads with your company by encouraging recruiting with Mason’s career services, participating in the School's career fairs and networking events, and thinking of the School of Business first when new opportunities arise at your organization. Visit our Career Services web page for more information.