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Building GovCon Acumen

An Executive Course provided by Mason GovCon

Expanding Your Career from the Tactical to the Strategic

Tomorrow's government contracting landscape will require a different approach and new thinking. The government's adoption of cloud computing, the emergence of a mobile workforce, the spread of "Big Data" and the continued pressure to reduce costs are converging to create a new era in government contracting -- one that is disrupting the industry and challenging established players. "Innovate or die" is the message coming from the government customer. Preparing for this "new reality" is a top priority for companies across the GovCon industry.

"Building GovCon Acumen" is designed to prepare mid-level and rising executives to lead their companies into the future. This high-intensity program will provide participants with the leadership skills, the expertise and the tools they need to succeed in this new environment. Participants will benefit from practitioner-led discussions featuring senior executives from leading companies in the industry, a hallmark of Mason GovCon.

By attending your will:

  • Gain first hand insights into the future of GovCon from leading executives in the industry such as Theresa Carlson, Anne Altman, Stan Soloway, and other industry leaders.
  • Strengthen your strategy skills by tackling a business case analysis of an actual GovCon company.
  • Join your peers from other GovCon companies. Past cohorts included participants from IBM, CGI, Dell, Calibre, CSC, Array, and other notable area and national companies.
  • Gain Board level experience and insights from highly respected industry leaders.



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October 17-20, 2016 &
Nov 3 and 14, 2016
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Until Sept. 16: $4,900
From Sept. 17 $5,900
Earn 24 credits upon completion
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