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March 12, 2013

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631098737_061111684When talking with Mason graduates, we are captivated with stories of instructors that left a lasting mark on their collegiate experience.  For School of Management alumni, Dr. Phil Buchanan is often acknowledged as a tough but caring professor who guided them through the intricacies of accounting and on towards a successful career.

In an effort to honor his commitment to Mason and its students, we ask that you join your peers in sharing your personal experience with Dr. Buchanan using the reply function below.  By doing so, we hope to capture his remarkable legacy characterized by loyal students like you for years to come.


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10 Responses to “Tell Your Phil Buchanan Story”

  1. jgayden Says:

    Alumna Allison Ritman (BS ’87) recently told a Mason colleague how, when she went back to school after working in government for several years, Phil Buchanan helped her think through a decision to take a chance on a private sector career move. She ultimately went back to government – Ritman is now a Director with the Office of Financial Reporting an Accountability with the FAA. But, she is glad to have gained valuable experience at a Big Four firm, and she gives credit to Phil for helping her over the hurdle! Nice work, Dr. Buchanan!


  2. Don Britton Says:

    Dr. Phil Buchanan is one of the few professors I can remember and keep in touch with from my college days at George Mason University. Phil was instrumental in helping me truly understand accounting and subsequently using that knowledge to successfully run a business that I started 16 years ago, a year after graduating with a BS in Accounting. His emphasis on understanding the cash flow statement and advanced accounting has enabled me to truly understand the inflows and outflows of cash in my business and make better decisions. Phil always took the time to meet and talk with me outside of class to give me his insight and support with ideas and whatever I wanted to discuss. His knowledge and experience is a true asset to George Mason University. I’m sure it will be hard to replace.


  3. Lisa Rudolph Featherngill Says:

    I can still remember Dr. Buchanan’s acerbic wit and demand for strong performance in his class. One of my college highlights was making an A in his class! When I received an offer from Arthur Andersen, I went to Dr. Buchanan for guidance. He used to make cracks about the “Big 8”, so I wanted to be sure this was a smart move. He encouraged me to evaluate my opportunities, and ultimately I accepted the offer with AA. Intermediate Accounting with Dr. Buchanan was one of the toughest courses and we used to say it weeded out the “would be” accounting majors, but I still remember a lot from that year! At my age, that says a lot.
    Best of luck Dr. Buchanan!


  4. Sheryl Rader Says:

    I took several classes with Dr. Buchanan. They were always a challenge! When I got a C in one of them, he allowed me to re-take the class so I could improve my grade. After graduation I intended to take the CPA exam in Texas, not realizing that the requirements to sit for the exam were different than Virginia’s. Faced with the need to add additional credits to my transcript, Dr. Buchanan worked with me to create a long-distance class/internship from my work experience at a public accounting firm in Texas to earn some of those needed credits. The following year, when I passed the CPA exam (the 2-day, paper & pencil version) in the first sitting, I was sure some of the credit belonged to the professor who never made it easy. Thank you, Dr. Buchanan!


  5. Paula Tennant Says:

    I was a double major in both Business Management and Accounting (BS ’90). My love for accounting started before I even went to GMU but Dr Buchanan certainly fueled the fire with his knowledge of the field, his stories and of course his quick wit. He made what could otherwise be rather dry topics into fun. (I know that sounds kind of sick seeing as we are talking about accounting here.) I appreciate how he always had time for me when I had questions or needed guidance. Most importantly, I am grateful for his involvement in launching me at the end of my time at GMU, between CPA exam study, Beta Alpha Psi induction and most importantly all those on campus interviews. I remember his congratulations on landing a job with Arthur Andersen. Thank you for being such a big part of my college experience, Dr Buchanan. Best wishes for a relaxing and rewarding retirement. You deserve it!


  6. Kim Kyriazi Costa Says:

    Dr. Buchanan was an incredible professor. He helped shape my view of accounting and the profession! He had high expectations for his students and he motivated them to live up to and exceed those expectations! He helped guide me thru the interview and selection process as I began my career at a “Big 8” firm. When I was promoted to partner, he was just as happy as when I first started to work for E&Y. Thank you for being such an incredible professor and for building such a solid foundation for my successful career at E&Y! Best wishes in your retirement!


  7. David Tintaya Says:

    Day one with Dr. Buchanan was a life changing experience. “Half of you will end up retaking this class…” was my inspiration to balance work, family and GMU. I ended being part of the half not retaking the class. Thank you for making my GMU experience memorable.


  8. Neil I. Bozievich Says:

    Dr. Buchanan was my academic adviser and quite simply the best instructor I ever had at George Manson University! As a returning adult night student (1981-1983), he worked with me and insured that I always gained complete understanding of the subject material in any course I was currently taking. He also helped me to make the right choice in my initial job upon graduation, and as a result have spent the last 30 years programming Earned Value (fancy cost accounting) Program Management systems for a variety of clients. Currently here at NASA, I am very disappointed that the demands of work will not allow me to attend. Thanks again, Dr. Buchanan! Obviously, you made a lasting impression on me….


  9. Ricio Tantoco, CPA, MST Says:

    I was fortunate to “not have” Dr. Buchanan for Intermediate Accounting I & II :-). My sister who is 4 years older than me had Dr. Buchanan, and she said “if you want to learn your stuff, take him, but if you need to bring your GPA up, better try someone else :-) – that strategy did not work i.e. I wanted an “A” and was informed I was given the lowest “B”.

    After graduating December 1991, I had the pleasure of being taught by Dr. Buchanan for the CPA Review Course – I passed the quiz on 2nd try! Back then it was only given twice a month over 2 1/2 days – a much harder exam before they made it easier :-)

    4 years after graduating with my Bachelors of Science, Accounting, I returned to GMU and obtained A Masters of Science, Taxation and I had the pleasure of being in Dr. Buchanan’s Advanced Financial Reporting class.

    Thank you Dr. Buchanan; for your leadership, dedication and hard work which made GMU’s Accounting Program, and School of Business, a highly respected institution in the business world.


  10. Laura Niel Says:

    I had Dr. Buchanan for Intermediate Accounting – it was a summer session, so pretty intense. I’ll never forget his hammering the cash flow statement into us until we “got it”. It’s sad how many of my peers lack a thorough understanding of how financial statements work and relate to one another – they weren’t lucky enough to have a professor like Dr. Buchanan. I took the CPA exam in 1987 when it was two and a half days long with pencils and scantron forms. I was fortunate to pass on the first try, and I owe Dr. Buchanan a big THANK YOU. He truly provided an education in preparing financial statements and also in staying with a problem until you have it figured out. Thanks for all you’ve done for accounting students and the accounting profession – Enjoy your retirement!


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