Looking for an ISOM Elective for Spring 2014?

Two new ISOM electives have been added to the Spring 2014 schedule.

OM 435- Business Process Analysis & Simulation (T – 7:20PM-10:00PM)
Introduces concepts and tools used in designing, modeling, analyzing, and improving business processes. Various business process analysis and simulation methods, such as process mapping/flowcharting, process flow and capacity analysis, service process design, theory of constraints, process modeling and simulation, and business process reengineering are discussed. Introduces methods and analytical tools such as queue theory and computer simulation used to design, model, analyze, and improve business processes. Discusses methods such as process mapping/diagramming, service process design, process modeling, and business process reengineering.

MIS 491 – Software and Data Quality Management (W – 7:20PM-10:00PM)
*** In Patriot Web, this course will appear as MIS 491 – Seminar in MIS ***
Organizations seek greater levels of reliability and predictability in their IT solutions and the data they provide.  Critical systems must work and data must be readily available and trusted.  This course covers the management of the quality function in the system lifecycle, focusing on the software creation and maintenance and the data it supports. Topics will include integration of quality methods into the lifecycle, quality frameworks, quality assurance, stakeholder involvement, system validation, risk based decisions, problem management, regulatory requirements regarding quality, CMMI evaluation, Data quality, and evaluating the proper level of investment in quality.  This course should be relevant to students looking to work in either vendor organizations that deliver quality IT Solutions, or within organizations seeking to ensure the quality of their solutions and data.  An overarching theme in this course will be evaluating the appropriate level of quality controls for a project, and system and an organization.  This course will require a healthy level of discussion on the evolving nature of quality within an organization.

The Spring 2014 Schedule of Classes can be viewed on Patriot Web.

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