Newly Added Course Sections Available for Summer and Fall

Summer 2017

• MKTG 312 A01- MTWR from 01:30 pm-03:35 pm (about 30 seats available)
• MKTG 351 B01- MW from 10:30 am-01:10 pm

Fall 2017

  • BUS 310 010 and BUS 310 011- They both meet MW from 9:00am-10:15am (about 80 seats available)
  • FNAN 491 001- Fridays from 01:30 pm-04:10 pm
    • This is a special topics course: “Student Managed Investment Fund”
    • Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide each student with real world and hands-on experience in security analysis and portfolio construction through the management of a Student Managed Investment Fund. Class participants will collectively be in charge of the investment decisions of the fund, the overall portfolio composition, and will employ various financial models used to assess sector, industry and individual security strength/weakness in their decision-making. Each student will be required to perform the necessary quantitative and qualitative analysis, and present their research to all other fund members/faculty each semester. Security selection will be based on a diversified equity portfolio approach seeking to enhance risk-adjusted returns versus commonly used market benchmarks. Faculty and professional mentors will train students in the application of fundamental analysis and security selection through several lecture/workshop sessions. Increased interaction with the investment community through this class will provide enhanced learning opportunities and exposure to recent industry practices.
    • A “C” or higher in FNAN 311 and 341 are recommended pre-requisites for this course. Required pre-requisites are a “C” or higher in FNAN 301 or FNAN 303.

Mary Byerley

Mary Byerley serves in the Office of Student Success and Academic Services for the School of Business at George Mason University.
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