Course Registration Errors? View This Checklist for Help!

  1. “Repeat hours exceeded 6” Registration Error – If you received this error while trying to register for a course in Patriot Web, it is most likely because you are trying to register for your third attempt of one of the School of Business Core Courses or Accounting Major courses that fall under the School of Business Termination Policy. If this is the case, please visit your School of Business Academic Advisor to discuss your next steps in registering for your third attempt.
  2. Check the prerequisites for the course in, including the class standing.
    • Many courses require you to complete one course in order to progress to the next course in the sequence. The course you take before you can get into the following course, is called a prerequisite. Also, some courses require you to be a sophomore (30 graded credits) and others require you to be a senior (90 graded credits).
  3. Check your Degree Works for substitutions or waivers of prerequisite courses.
    • If you have a substitution or waiver as seen on your Degree Works in Patriot Web for a course that is a pre-requisite to a higher-level course, you will need an override in order to register for that higher-level course. Contact the School of Business advising office to request the override.
  4. Have you received an override for that course before?
    • If you previously received an override for a course and ended up not registering for it in that previous semester, you will need to request a new override in order to register for that course in future semesters. Unfortunately the registration system does not have the technology to recognize overrides from semester to semester. Contact the School of Business advising office to request the override.
      • Example: If you received an override for FNAN 303 last semester and ended up not taking the course, you will need to again request an override for FNAN 303 to take it in the new semester.
  5. Make sure transfer credits are evaluated.
    • The registration system will not recognize you are meeting the prerequisite to a course unless your final transcript is here and evaluated. Review your Transfer Credit Equivalency in Patriot Web to make sure all your courses have transferred to Mason. If your most recent completed transfer courses do not show up, that means Mason does not have your final transcript or the credits have not been evaluated. You can contact a School of Business advisor to find out your next steps.
    • If you have all of your transfer credits in your Transfer Credit Equivalency, check your Degree Works in Patriot Web to see how your transfer credits are being applied to your degree.
  6. This item only applies if you are in a catalog year before fall 2015:
    • Starting in fall 2015, the course numbering changed as well as some required prerequisites. If your catalog year is before fall 2015 refer to the communications regarding the new course numbers that are equivalent to your old courses or contact a School of Business advisor. If you can’t register for one of the new courses that you need, let us know so we can review the prerequisites with you and determine if you could get an override for the course.
  7. How many credits are you planning to take?
    • Undergraduate students in good standing can only register for up to 18 credits. Contact your School of Business Academic Advisor to request a credit overload if you meet the requirements listed in the Credit Overload policy.
  8. Check your holds in Patriot Web.

    • Having a hold on your account will prevent you from being able to register for classes. Check your Patriot Web (Student Services and Financial Aid/Student Records/View Holds) to view your holds. Contact the department that placed the hold on your account in order to resolve the issue.

Contact a School of Business academic advisor in the Office of Student Success and Academic Services for questions at 703-993-1880 or Our walk-in hours our listed on our website here.

Thank you!

– School of Business Academic Advising Team

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