New Finance Elective for Fall 2018

FNAN 491, Fintech: Blockchain Technology – Friday 1:30 – 4:10 pm

The booms and busts in Bitcoin prices has drawn tremendous media buzz to its underlying technology known as blockchain, a decentralized and cryptographically chained database. In addition to its apparent application to finance as a peer-to-peer digital currency, many other use cases have been envisioned, including security settlement, accounting, real estate, intellectual property, supply chain management, as well as smart contract applications including crowdfunding entrepreneurial projects, token-based economies and initial coin offerings, decentralized autonomous organizations, etc. Many enthusiasts see blockchain as the next Internet to revolutionize every aspects of our daily life. However, as a new technologies in its early days, the road ahead is still full of uncertainties, hypes, legal challenges, etc. We need systematic knowledge to seek opportunities and avoid pitfalls as we navigate through this new territory.

This course introduces entrepreneurial Mason students to this cutting edge technology and its related business topics. Materials will mostly be drawn from a freely available textbook:, cutting-edge academic research (including the instructor’s own:, as well as case studies from real-life startups and guest speakers.

Prerequisites: Grade of C or higher in FNAN 301 or FNAN 303.  Degree status. For more information, contact the instructor, Dr. Jiasun Li at

Mary Byerley

Mary Byerley serves in the Office of Student Success and Academic Services for the School of Business at George Mason University.
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