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About the Organization

The mission of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (DOC BIS) is to advance national security, foreign policy, and economic interests. BIS develops export control policies, issues export licenses, prosecutes violators, develops and implements policies and programs that ensure a strong, technologically superior industrial base.

The Office of Technology Evaluation (OTE) within BIS conducts primary research and analysis of critical technologies and industrial capabilities of key defense-related sectors. OTE uses industry-specific surveys to obtain essential employment, financial, production, and research and development.

OTE provides final reports containing findings and recommendations for government policymakers and industry leaders. The goal is to enable government agencies to monitor trends, benchmark industry performance, and raise awareness of diminishing
manufacturing capabilities.

About the Internship Program

The mission of this program is to engage and empower developing leaders with a passion for public service. Students will be exposed to opportunities and experiences in the Federal Government while gaining practical job skills. This program provides students hands-on learning and give interns the opportunity to explore different work environments and organizational cultures, interact with diverse personalities, and assist in determining if they are well-suited to career opportunities in this field. Interns are given challenging and diverse assignments, providing tangible work samples to reference as they embark on future educational & professional opportunities.

Distinctive benefits of the Program include: unique public service experience; enrichment and development opportunities; access to mentors and career champions; career building exercises; and financial compensation.

  • Career-Building and Mentorship — Guided career development to articulate a vision for the transfer of academic learning toward a future of continued achievement by providing necessary skill sets to adapt to a professional environment and evaluate different career paths
  • Enrichment & Development Opportunities — Interns will have access to workshops, guest speakers, and development coaching
  • Financial Compensation & Transportation — Interns will be paid an hourly rate of $12/hr for undergraduate students and $14/hr for graduate students and reimbursed up to $200/month for transportation costs to and from DOC BIS

Duties and Eligibility

  • Design and edit industry surveys for each assessment performed by DOC BIS OTE
  • Prepare mailing lists, including verifying company names and addresses. Related activities include dissemination of the
    survey, i.e. create labels, perform mail merges, affix labels, stuff envelopes, prepare related material, etc.
  • Perform survey compliance by telephone and by e-mail to ensure survey respondents are complying with survey
    obligations and reporting accurate information (which includes confirming receipt of survey documents, answering questions, requesting additional/updated information, and reviewing survey responses for completion and accuracy)
  • Analyze data from survey respondents
  • Draft charts, graphs, and written information for reports based on data collected from survey responses
  • Attend OTE team meetings as well as meetings with sponsor agencies and project stakeholders
  • Assist in drafting presentation materials for briefing partners and/or outreach with stakeholders
  • Conduct project related research on technologies, industries, and other matters related to survey scope
  • Draft/edit chapters of OTE reports based on survey data and analysis
  • Develop report on the Internship experience which will track and measure Intern growth and achievements

Eligibility requirements include: GPA of 3.0 or higher and proof of good academic standing, active enrollment in an accredited college or university (1 year post-graduation accepted) , and U.S. citizenship

How to Apply

Any interested parties must submit their resume to by 11/9 to apply.

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