MKTG 491-001: Social Media Marketing Offered for Spring 2019

MKTG 491-001: Social Media Marketing

Elective: Spring 2019

CRN: 17330
Time:  Thursdays 7:20 pm -10:00 pm
Instructor:  Professor Shaun Dakin (also teaches MKTG 315 Digital Marketing)

Please note: MKTG 491 is the course number used for special topics courses.  Do not let the 400-level number intimidate you. The course prerequisites C or higher in MKTG 301 or MKTG 303, Sophomore class standing.

Course Description

This course is designed to help you understand how marketing has (and has not) changed due to the rise of social media and changes in various underlying contextual factors, such as dramatically increased speed of information dissemination across consumers and brands. The overarching goal is to obtain a clear perspective on what’s really going on in digital/social/mobile marketing so that you can begin to appreciate its true value to consumers, to managers, and to other corporate stakeholders. It will equip you with the relevant knowledge, perspectives, and practical skills required to develop marketing strategies that leverage the opportunities inherent in social media and consumer-to-consumer social interactions for achieving business and marketing goals.

Note that this course is NOT about specific online social media platforms that you may know well from a user perspective (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). While these platforms are important and will, of course, be discussed, it is important to know in advance that this course is not solely about these platforms. The intention is to broaden your perspective, not narrow your thinking by focusing on just a few platforms that happen to be important now.

The emphasis of this course is instead on understanding consumers’ social interactions, examining the various social media channels available to marketers, learning how to build social marketing strategies, and practicing how to track their effectiveness. Also, since social media is heavily technology-driven, we will cover some relevant related aspects of digital marketing more broadly, including emerging topics in electronic commerce and mobile marketing.

If you have any questions on the course content, please contact Professor Dakin at

If you have any questions on enrollment in or eligibility for the course, please contact an advisor in the School of Business – Office of Student Success and Academic Services: 703-993-1880; Email:

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