Spring 2020 Internships: On-Campus Student Venture Program

Student Venture Program Spring 2020 Internships
As an intern at the Student Venture Program (SVP), you will learn and acquire highly marketable skills that pertain to every aspect of business operation. At SVP, our motto is learning by doing and experiencing. Our interns are essential for the operations and growth of our business. Every task you will work on with our team will be beneficial to your professional development. This opportunity is offered through The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the School of Business and is an on-campus internship.
Entrepreneurship is the foundation of our business. All of our products are theorized and developed by our student interns. We encourage innovation by allowing our interns to research and introduce new ideas. These ideas will benefit the business, ranging from new products to new ways of conducting business operations. We develop and sell products in order to give students an opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills while making a positive social impact. A portion of our proceeds (20%) goes towards social impact efforts.
  • Internship Roles Include: Marketing, Sales, Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, and Product Development/ Brand Management.
  • Opportunities for professional growth: If offered paid leadership roles are available for students that complete an internship (one semester) with the SVP

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