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New ISOM Course for Spring: E-Business Systems Development II

MIS 491-004: E-Business Systems Development II (Tuesday 7:20-10:00PM / CRN 21273) Course information: MIS 491-004: Spring 2016 Prerequisite: One of the following: MIS 412, MIS 310, MIS 302 (or similar) Course Description This course focuses on the server side of web-based information systems and builds upon the concepts covered in E-Business Systems Development I, therefore […]

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ISOM Honors Elective for Fall 2015

MIS 462: Data Mining Techniques for Businesses (3 credits) Location: Enterprise Hall, Room 174 Time: Tuesdays 7:20 pm – 10:00 pm CRN: 73487 Instructor: Pallab Sanyal, Ph.D. Email: Course Information What is Data Mining? Data mining is a business process for analyzing large amounts of data to discover patterns and rules (such as “When customers […]

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New ISOM Elective Available for Spring 2015

MIS491 002 Social Media Analytics – Monday from 7:20PM-10:00PM (CRN 21949) – Open for registration in Patriot Web. Course Description The explosive growth and adoption of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram has transformed the way we express our preferences, communicate with others, and share information. This course will cover the history, theory, […]

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Looking for an ISOM Elective for Spring 2014?

Two new ISOM electives have been added to the Spring 2014 schedule. OM 435- Business Process Analysis & Simulation (T – 7:20PM-10:00PM) Introduces concepts and tools used in designing, modeling, analyzing, and improving business processes. Various business process analysis and simulation methods, such as process mapping/flowcharting, process flow and capacity analysis, service process design, theory […]

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