Bloomberg on Campus

December 16, 2011


Utilizing the Bloomberg Terminals on campus has enhanced the Mason MBA experience. The Venture Capital and Private Equity Financing course really peaked my interest in the stock market, and when the students were given access to the Bloomberg Terminals, I was ready to learn. It is a very advanced program, and every time I use it, I learn something new. Due to the strong acceptance of this program, several instructors are teaching classes on the additional capabilities of Bloomberg. It has become a very useful tool for students, and the vast amount of financial data available has added value to some of our class projects. Having the ability to monitor and analyze real time financial data is very interesting and helpful. When analyzing a firm’s financial data, Bloomberg allows you to export the data straight into an excel worksheet. Bloomberg also contributes to the Mason MBA experience because all students are allowed to use this tool for free. Bloomberg is a dynamic and up to date program that has added another dimension to the hundreds of research tools we have here at Mason.

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