Choosing the Right Global MBA Program

October 25, 2012


In today’s environment, more than ever there is a need for managers and entrepreneurs to be globally aware. For this reason, many Universities are claiming to provide Global MBA programs which differ across functions and sectors. But can you really gauge the difference between these programs? Can you really tell which one would lead you to success? The answer is YES. You can make your MBA a success if you ask the following questions to yourself while making decision to join a particular global MBA program:

Classroom Diversity: What is the percentage of international students in the class? Is the class diverse enough to learn from each other’s experiences? What is the career background of the students? You can find this information on the program’s website under class profile. There should be 25-40% of international student and at least 3-4 different major (business, engineering, humanities, economics etc.) backgrounds for an ideal global setting.

Global Residency Program: Does the MBA program offer some kind of immersion program or a residency trip? These programs are really good because they offer students the opportunity to visit a new place and engage themselves in the locale’s business world. They allow students to learn not just about specific functional areas such as marketing and finance, but also about how management style might differ across the globe.

Case-based, Lecture-based or Hybrid Program: Does the program offer case-based, lecture-based or a hybrid approach to learning? Each has its own pros and cons. Case-based approach helps students to learn from real life problems and challenges while lecture-based approach makes you stronger in fundamentals. But it is the combination of both that you need in the real world.

Options for Concentrations: Does the program offer you a wide range of concentrations and specializations? In addition to the common concentrations such as marketing, finance, accounting and HR; there should be some special concentrations that let you focus on your passion and let you utilize your potential. These might include international business, tourism and real estate for today’s world.

Miscellaneous: Am I looking for something specific as well? You might have some preference over strategic location, alumni network or career opportunities provided by the MBA program. You should always take that into account because it would let you focus on your studies later.

Ask these simple questions to yourself and to your program; make a wise decision, study hard and step up the ladder of success. Good Luck!

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