D.C. Ranks High As One of the Best Places for Employment

October 25, 2012


According to an article published by Atlantic Monthly in May 2011, Washington D.C. tops the list for best cities for recent college grads and one of the best places for employment. Many recent grads choose to go back home and live with their parents (around 85%), but the study cited in the article shows that early career moves can be the most important of all, illustrating that “about two-thirds of all lifetime income growth occurs in the first 10 years of a career, when people can switch jobs easily, bidding up their earnings.” The list ranked 223 metro areas based on several criteria, including looking at which cities might host the best places for employment.

Another Summer 2011 article lists D.C. in its list of cities where your paycheck goes the furthest. Aside from being of the best places for employment, the article shows how the city is one that will be kindest to your wallet, and whose economy has stayed the strongest. “Greater Washington DC really stands out…It is a human-capital magnet, home to four of the five counties nationwide with the highest concentrations of college-educated adults. More than four in 10 of its workforce are members of the creative class, the third-highest share in the nation. With an unemployment rate of just 5.4 percent, the second lowest of any metro with more than one million people, its economy has proven to be among the nation’s most resilient.”

In early 2012, The New York Times also praised D.C. as one of the best places for employment, calling it a “talent magnet.” We’re lucky here because, contrary to popular belief, we are much more than a “government town.” We are “a center for high-tech and media, software and biotech.” The article goes on to praise D.C.: “It doesn’t just have lobbyists and bureaucrats and politicians…it has large concentrations of scientists and engineers, software developers and mathematicians. It is the headquarters location for major media companies…[it] is an economic powerhouse.”

Both of these articles highlight what is so great about our city: young people can find a good job and build and sustain a good life here. In a time when so many want to get an MBA in Virginia, its thrilling to see D.C. continually ranking with so many other top cities in the nation.


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