Aligning Your MBA Resume and Application

November 8, 2012


Many schools, including George Mason, now require you to submit both your resume and application together. It is certain that your resume plays an important role in the admissions process. However, many students fail to think about how their resume and application work together.

An article written by and posted onto the GMAT Club blog, “Aligning Your Resume with Your Graduate Application Essays,” talks about the importance of aligning your MBA resume and application to make sure you are getting the most out of both, and not simply submitting two separate pieces of paper. “The resume not only will present a valuable context for your other materials, but it also will give the adcom readers an easy point of reference as they read your essays.”

The post goes on to list many reasons why it is so important to be strategic about what you include in your resume and application.  For example, “The resume can free up space in your essays. By summarizing your experience, responsibilities, and achievements in the resume, you don’t have to worry about cramming every noteworthy item into your essays or sketching out your career path. Rather, you can be very selective and detailed in the experiences you do elaborate on in the essays.”

The post also includes more practical advice on how, exactly, you should go about aligning your resume and application. For instance, “Be consistent in your resume and essays: refer to companies, job titles, departments, technologies, and other items in the same way in both pieces.” This is important for several reasons, notes the article. “Not only does this practice prevent confusion, it also heightens the unity and coherence of the overall application.”

The important thing is that the resume and application really match and be a cohesive pair—make them both work for you, and build upon each other. There is no reason why you should send two things to MBA programs in Washington DC that essentially say the same thing. Use them to reinforce each other—and, ultimately, reinforce you.


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