MBA Student Association-NY Residency part 2

Continuation from Part 1 of 3 in the MBA Student Association – New York City Residency…

After making our appearance on CNBC, sort of, we headed to the S&P Building to meet with Adrienne Zeigler, Director of Global BPM Learning & Development at The McGraw-Hill Companies. She taught us about how McGraw-Hill uses tools like lean and Six Sigma in their business environment. The presentation was initially scheduled for an hour, but the group was so intrigued that we stayed for over two hours! Mrs. Zeigler took the time to help each student understand how a continuous improvement process could be utilized in each of our fields. Did I mention we were given a free book! Published by who else; McGraw-Hill of course.

By now it was 6:00 PM, though this day was not over. Not for this crew. See the George Mason University MBA Student Association likes to fill their allowable time to the max. Now of course we were not going to make all the students sit through another presentation. Nope, it was time to do have some fun and meet new people; known by many as a Networking Event. With the help of Alumnus Stanley Bernard and Erika Martin, we were given the opportunity to meet Mason Alumni currently employed in the Greater New York City area. It was a great turn-out. The students enjoyed meeting these alumni and many walked away with new friendships and possible connections for that big day; graduation.

Just another reason why this MBA program is one of the best when you compare MBA programs.  To find out what happens next on this business outing, continue on to Part 3 of 3 in this mini-series.

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Current Traditional Mason MBA student and president of the MBASA

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