Choosing the Right Electives for Your MBA Degree

As spring registration was fast approaching, the dilemma I was facing was to choose the right electives for my MBA degree. As we all know, mostly students get an MBA degree in order to advance in their respective careers or to become entrepreneurs. Though requirements for the MBA degree might vary with the program and universities but generally it requires taking few core courses in first year and choosing from a range of elective courses in second year. So, you need to make a wise decision of choosing the right elective courses when you reach second year. You can do this by either following your career goals or by taking advice from right people.
If you have a strong career goal and you want to advance in a particular stream, the choice is easier for you. For example, if you have been in marketing since the time you graduated and you want to progress in the same field, you can choose courses offered by your university for a concentration in marketing. The choices offered by universities are limited in that case. You would choose around 5 courses out of a pool of 7-8 courses for your specialized MBA degree. But if you don’t have a strong career goal, ideal thing to do would be to take advice of your school advisor and former students. School advisor would be able to guide you according to you past experience and potential. Former students would be able to guide you according to the current market opportunities. After consulting right people, make a decision that suits your own choice and personality. For example, an introvert person might want to go for courses like Logistics and Supply Chain Management while an extrovert would prefer Marketing or Human Resources.
Choose the courses in sync with your academic and profession background on one side and your personality and interest on the other. You would never go wrong with this recipe. Good Luck!

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