Tailoring your MBA degree; Choosing concentrations and electives…

The Mason MBA offers a variety of ways to tailor the degree to meet your personal and career goals and needs.  You can choose to declare one of five concentrations, similar to an undergraduate major, to specialize in one area of management.  The Mason MBA offers concentrations in Information Systems Management, Project Management, Accounting, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.   Each of these concentrations can be achieved by taking fifteen credits of courses in the subject area.  Concentrations are printed on the official transcript upon graduation.  Fifteen hours of electives are part of the MBA program requirements and can be funneled into a concentration or can be taken from a variety of courses.

The other great way to tailor your MBA degree to meet your career goals is to take a variety of electives that span the concentrations to touch on each area and provide a strong well balanced look at each area of management.  If your interests and goals do not rest heavily in one concentration the best thing to do is to take electives that best suit your needs, rather than focus on completing a concentration.  Students are not required or encouraged to take either route.  Both options are available at any point during a student’s progress through the MBA degree.

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Rebecca Diemer

I serve as the associate director for MBA Programs at George Mason University's School of Business.

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