Business School Interview Tips: Three Keys

So many applicants are concerned with acing their interviews, and the blogs are full of business school interview tips. We’ve been talking about it over here, as well, and are here today to present three keys that hopefully you can hide away in your drawer of business school interview tips.

To celebrate the first birthday of MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools, published an excerpt from Chapter 9 that really emphasizes three key business school interview tips.

Tip #1: “Know how you fit the program and why you belong there”

You already have demonstrated your fit with the program substantially in your application, and yet you will be asked to cover that ground again in your interview. Review your notes from your initial school research to remind yourself of all the reasons this program stood out to you. Refresh your memory about how your own professional and educational background matches the school’s methodology, strengths and career opportunities. Review your essays again (yes, those too!) so when you have coffee with your interviewer, you have total recall about the programs and curriculum that drew you to the school in the first place. Interviewers are likely to ask questions that are meant to test your commitment to that school…”

They also point out that if you are interested in joining a club or other student organization, be prepared to do more than just say you are interested in this or that program. You should have already made contact with someone in the club and be able to give some specific reason about why it interests you so much.

Tip #2: “Know yourself”

“Have a strategy for what you want most to reveal about yourself in a very limited amount of time. Especially in a blind interview, be prepared with a list of your five top skills, experiences, or accomplishments, and have examples ready to substantiate each of your top points…These are all part of knowing yourself and knowing how the program fits into your professional goals and matches your personal style.”

Tip #3: “Know the school”

“Understand how the schools define the qualities they value, and be prepared to speak knowledgeably about how they try to put these qualities into practice and how you will too.”


What do you think of these business school interview tips? I like the focus on preparedness and really thinking about the specific role you will play at the school. When you interview with business schools in DC, what business school interview tips do you think will be the most helpful to you?

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