Employment for MBA graduates looking up in 2013

The Graduate Management Admissions Council is reporting a more favorable job market for 2013. GMAC’s end of the year poll of 201 employers says that “more companies are planning to hire in 2013 than did so in 2012, and many firms plan to increase or maintain the number of new MBA and other business master’s graduates they will hire next year.” This news about employment for MBA graduates is, of course, coming at a fantastic time.

“In general, 76 percent of companies polled plan to hire MBAs in the new year, up from the 69 percent of companies that reported hiring MBAs in 2012. And 23 percent of companies that hired MBAs in 2012 expect to increase their headcount of MBA new hires in 2013.”

The survey, for the first time, included findings on Masters in Management, Finance, and Accounting—the three most popular master’s programs in business. This is great news for employment for MBA graduates, because “roughly 40 percent of employers plan to hire each of these three types of degree holders in 2013, and nearly 20 percent of employers anticipate an increased headcount in their hires for each candidate type (16% to 19% depending on candidate type).”

According to a related piece from The GMAT Club, the 2013 employment outlook “follows a hiring year that went as well as or better than expected for most companies. Between 85 and 97 percent of companies that planned to hire across each candidate type in 2012 actually made the hires, and most companies hired as many or more employees than they planned for each candidate type.”

Certainly the job outlook has not been the brightest for anyone recently, but it is encouraging to see markets opening up across the board, and especially good to see employment for MBA graduates on the rise. Of course, Washington D.C. recently topped the list of best places for employment, so things are also looking good for the Washington DC MBA.

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