Mason MBA Electives

Coming soon!!  Help to pick your electives!  Starting this April you will be able to view short preview videos of most of the electives being offered in the upcoming semester of the Mason MBA program.  What will this video tell you?  It will tell you a little bit about the faculty member teaching the course, how long they have been at Mason, their experience with the Mason MBA program, what area they teach in and specialize in.  It will tell you about the intended audience for the MBA elective course.  Who the course is really designed for, if you want to learn about a particular area of business, finance or pursue a career in a specific area, you will want to peruse these videos!  Student s will also learn about the topics that will be covered and the format in which they will be covered.  Do you learn better by lecture, or case study, in groups or individually?  And you will be able to find out what kind of deliverables to expect from each course.  We hope that this will give you the opportunity to be informed consumers of your electives, and introduce you to classes, instructors and topic areas you may not have thought of before!

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Rebecca Diemer

I serve as the associate director for MBA Programs at George Mason University's School of Business.

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