MBA Program Application Essay

Congratulations on taking this next step in your career to pursue a MBA program.  As you begin to put your application package together, keep in mind that this is an opportunity to highlight your successes, future goals, and explain to the admissions committee why you are an ideal MBA student.

When drafting your essay, here are a few things to remember.  Provide solid examples, but be concise.  If you are asked to provide an example of how you demonstrated leadership skills in a professional situation, briefly explain the scenario, but speak to what you learned and how you’ve applied that lesson to your career.

Make it unique to the institution and program you are applying to.  Why did you select this school and this specific program?  What do you plan to do with your MBA once you’ve graduated?  How will you be a better contributor to society having earned your MBA degree?  What has brought you to this point in your career and education?  Make sure you strengths are clearly communicated in your essay.

Ask someone to review your essay for you and don’t tell them what the question is that you are addressing.  See if your writing was clear enough for them to guess what the question is you are answering.

A few more basics to remember when approaching your essay:

  • Write the essay in advance of filling out your application
  • Don’t exceed the word limit
  • Have at least two people proofread it
  • Make sure your grammar is correct

For an example of the type of application essay you may be requested to write check out the guidelines provided by  George Mason University for their MBA program applicants.

  • Your professional essay should be 750-1,000 words (choose one of the two topics below)
  • Describe a professional situation where you demonstrated one of the following leadership competencies: visionary, strategic, tactical, focused, persuasive, likeable, decisive, ethical and inspirational.
  • Of Mason’s core values (creativity, rigor, diversity, team, integrity, and global community), which value resonates most with you and why?

Best of luck!

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Jackie Buchy

Since 2011, I have served as the assistant dean for graduate enrollment at George Mason University's School of Business. In my role, I work with prospective graduate students to identify and select the best graduate program to meet their career goals.

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