Tailoring the MBA- Areas of Emphasis

Tailoring the MBA- Areas of Emphais

The Mason MBA program offers nine different ways to tailor the MBA degree through an area of emphasis.  These opportunities are a good way to take the benefits of the high quality core curriculum and build a specialized skill set that is marketable in the business industry.  George Mason University offers areas of emphasis in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Information Systems Management, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Project Management and Real Estate.  Each of these areas of emphasis offer courses that will help you to tailor the MBA to your specific career plans post graduation.  After completing the core curriculum, students take fifteen credits (5 courses) of electives.  Students may select to focus in one area of the curriculum by choosing to take more than one of their electives in one area of emphasis.  The areas of emphasis allow students to gain additional expertise through an integrated set of electives.  To learn more about the Mason MBA areas of Emphasis look here:


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Rebecca Diemer

I serve as the associate director for MBA Programs at George Mason University's School of Business.

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