How to Choose the right Global MBA Program

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By Keegan Cassady, MBA candidate May 2013

Does your Global MBA program take you to Brazil?  Does it house you in five star hotels, right off the beaches of Rio de Janeiro?  Does it dine you on the finest cuisine that Brazil has to offer?  George Mason’s global MBA program does, starting this year.  Innovation, as they say, is Tradition.

Every year, each Mason MBA cohort takes an excursion to some marvelous port of call.  The focus is chiefly becoming the BRIC’s: Brazil, Russia, India, and China, those fastest booming of economies – but tours also take place in Germany, Poland, and other grand locales.

As to my own personal experience, I was given a marathon week in Brazil.  From the sprawling urban streets of Sao Paulo to the clustered, balmy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, our tour gave us a plethora of perspectives on business and life in Brazil.  It was a fantastic experience, especially for an aspiring photographer and businessman.

We were guided by the ever-excellent Austral Group through a beautiful and thoroughly foreign world.  We met businesses new and old, great and small, toured factories and held interviews with high powered executives.  We intermingled amongst five different cohorts, dined on the sweet and savory fare of Sao Paulo and Rio, took in the lush natural environs, dashed out of sudden rainstorms and into comfortable bus tours of both legendary cities.  Through thick and thin, Austral kept our cohorts on course, and helped us experience a whole new world.

The most vital aspect of this foreign tour was to see a whole different way of doing business.  Brazil is a beautiful place, and incredibly strange to many American practices.  This makes such a trip that much more vital, and I feel, that much stronger an emphasis on why students seeking a global MBA should choose George Mason’s program.  The trip was life changing, and, after all, isn’t that everyone is seeking from their MBA?


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I am the Assistant Director, MBA Programs in the School of Business at George Mason University. In this role, I primarily handle admissions for the MBA program.

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