The Changing Face of the MBA


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Aside from the introduction of online courses in 1987, MBA programs have faced few revolutionary changes in recent years. However, the inclusion of social and environmental themes within the curriculum have elicited subtle modifications across numerous MBA programs. The infographic above outlines how some of these changes are influencing not only the MBA programs themselves, but also graduates and their impact on the professional world.

Let’s look at how the aforementioned social and environmental themes have influenced MBA programs. During this survey from Net Impact, 3,000+ participants were asked to select what they considered to be the top strength out of 11 possible options within their chosen MBA program. Students voted Corporate Responsibility as the top strength, with social entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability not far behind. These results indicate MBA students are absorbing positive ethical standards they will later utilize within their career fields.

Another element of the MBA program influenced by these themes is the initial search for employment. 29% of students surveyed admit to feeling pressured into accepting the first job offer they’re presented with, regardless of social and environmental impact. However, 77% of students indicated those within their program prioritize locating jobs possessing these qualities.

All-in-all, a definitive weight is being placed on not only obtaining the skills to flourish on your own, but also assisting in the social, environmental, and ethical growth of your future career field. Luckily MBA programs are continually evolving to help students face these challenges head on.

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