How to Evaluate MBA Programs in D.C.

If your future plans involve starting a career in the U.S. capital, you may consider looking into MBA programs in D.C. Washington, D.C. is home to some of the most prominent business schools in the United States. Metropolitan areas also provide students with access to a broader job market than most urban locations. If your search for MBA programs in D.C. is just beginning, use the questions below to evaluate each MBA program.

Does the program meet your standards of education?

A solid academic structure and faculty/peer support is essential to the success of an MBA program. Verify the accreditations and certifications of each school. Find out what support networks are currently available. See if the MBA programs offered provide the opportunity to collaborate, with fellow students throughout the learning experience. Also, check to see which schools offer career services for advanced local networking and internships.

Does the program offer applied learning experience?

A quality MBA program should provide you with both academic knowledge and hands-on experience. Today’s fast-paced business world requires you to be both tech-savvy and face all incoming challenges. Your ideal MBA program should supply you with a global focus on practical skills and the ability to quickly adjust to any changes within your career field.

Which MBA programs in D.C. best coincide with your current situation?

This pertains more to you and your individual circumstances. Take your current employment situation and various responsibilities into account. Do your require a part-time program due to work? You can easily rule out all schools offering only full-time programs. Would the daily commute pose a problem? View your situation from all angles prior to making a decision. Your success is based on the amount of focus devoted to your chosen program.

Having a firm grasp on your personal and academic needs effectively simplifies the program evaluation process. We hope these questions provide you with a stable platform for launching into your own search of MBA programs in D.C. If you’re interested in viewing what MBA programs we at George Mason University offer, visit our MBA Programs page to learn more.

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