MBA Program Admissions: Things to Consider

August 5, 2013


Considering enrolling in an MBA program? There are several factors worth inspecting prior to choosing an MBA program. Nowadays the internet not only plays a critical role in determining which MBA program you will apply to, but also how school’s evaluate you. Below are a few points to consider before and while conducting your research for the right MBA program.

First Impressions are Vital

Undergoing a college interview can be daunting, but it may move further down your list of worries due to our technologically advanced era. Many colleges have begun checking out potential applicants via their social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. Several employers are also using social media to gain a first impression of you. What can you do to maintain or improve your online image?

If you wish to improve your online presence, ensure your privacy settings are appropriately set on your personal social media accounts. Create professional accounts viewable by the public. A good rule of thumb is to never place anything on the internet you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable saying in front of a friend’s grandmother. Another way to maintain or enhance your online presence is by building a LinkedIn account to network with industry leaders in your niche.

Judging a Website by it’s Cover

Although it is what’s inside that counts, the internet proves otherwise. The first resource students utilize to evaluate an MBA program is by visiting the school’s website. Universities sporting a well-designed, easily navigable website may move further up a student’s list than one presenting a lack of search functionality or clear links. Keep in mind this could be due to a lack of not possessing appropriate means or skills to maintain the site and not a reflection of the school itself. Prior to crossing a program off your list due to this one aspect, contact the schools’ admissions office or visit in person.

As you can see, the internet is becoming increasingly more relevant to your success and the success of schools offering MBA programs. Remain diligent in maintaining a positive online presence and use the additional information listed in the infographic to help locate a school with the ability to meet your personal needs. Visit our School of Management page to learn more about what you can gain from enrolling in one of GMU’s specialized MBA programs.


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