7 Most Popular Business Degrees of 2013

What are this year’s most popular business degrees? In today’s market, the majority of industries are tailoring their inner-workings to comply with customer online standards and needs. With technology playing a more profound role in our culture than in years prior, it’s no wonder the most popular degrees revolve around technology. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the degrees listed above.

Business degrees are continually evolving to meet online needs. But the degree itself isn’t the only changing element due to technology; companies are having to alter or create new job positions. In fact, studies show job opportunities in technology are growing up to three times faster than other career fields in the United States. For example, with careers in e-commerce on the rise companies are hiring more individuals with the ability to extract and decipher analytics, then procure a plan of action to raise said numbers.

Launching your own online business? The internet also serves as the small businessman’s companion. A degree in entrepreneurship provides you with the tools to manage your businesses daily operations and boasts an average salary of $158,560. The internet provides plenty of free or low-cost opportunities, such as social media networks, to build business partnerships and reach a higher level of potential customers or investors.

Check out the infographic above for more degree information. What are your academic goals? We can help you achieve them! Learn which degree is right for you and start making your mark on the business world today!

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