An Intro to the Military MBA at Mason

At the School of Management, we take great pride in offering a specialized military MBA for the individuals who have and continue to dedicate their careers and their own lives to the safety of our country. For prospective students who are currently a member of the United States armed services and are looking to enhance their future career opportunities, George Mason’s School of Management offers a great opportunity to gain an advanced business degree and the critical skills needed for success in the military and beyond.

Mason’s specialized National Defense Executive MBA program is the only program of its kind in the world designed to develop leaders and managers in the United States defense industry. This 18-month military MBA program combines the high caliber executive business education offered at George Mason with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to advance your career in the defense sector.


In order to accommodate the limited schedule available to military personnel on leave, our 48-credit military MBA program can be completed in a short 18-month timeframe. You can choose between the online or the hybrid (a combination of in-class and online courses) programs. Take all classes online to accommodate your busy schedule, or enroll in the hybrid program offering classes every other weekend from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (one Friday a month and every other Saturday) if you prefer an in-class experience.

Residency ProgramsNational Defense residency for military MBA students (National Defense EMBA)

Residency programs often add greater depth and first-hand learning to graduate studies. At Mason, a 5-day national defense residency enhances military MBA students’ learning. Additionally, global residencies are available if you wish to expand your global experience. Global residencies immerse students in the culture and business at the major business and financial centers of the world.


In addition, the National Defense Executive MBA program will place you in a cohort with other dedicated professionals in the military and defense industry. Today, career progression and organization growth is often focused on who you know and the network you build. Attending a program dedicated to military professionals will help you build your network and career. In addition to other professionals in the defense sector, George Mason School of Management’s network of more than 25,000 business alumni span the globe and include Fortune 500 CFOs, nonprofit executives, and entrepreneurs.


George Mason’s location in the Washington, D.C., metro area offers you the unique advantage of proximity to the National Capital Region—the hub of national defense in the U.S. You benefit from guest speakers, job opportunities, mentoring, and colleagues who also have first-hand knowledge working in the defense industry.

The National Defense Executive MBA program is a military MBA designed to teach professionals in the defense sector the expert skills needed to succeed and expand knowledge in all business disciplines including executive leadership growth. Professionals learn advanced leadership and management skills from expert faculty, experiencing an innovative and relevant curriculum, cutting-edge services and technology, and valuable networking opportunities.

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