The Use of Technology in MBA Programs

August 13, 2014


The use of technology has entered nearly all aspects of everyday life. This is true for business schools and graduate business programs as well.

But, as seen in the infographic below, 1 in 5 students still feel that more technology can be integrated into their programs. In some areas, it seems that institutions are doing better than in other areas. According to these statistics, 86% of students feel their institution is doing an excellent job with online course registration, 81% say the same about their institution making their grades available online, and 75% feel this way about making library resources available to them online.

At George Mason’s School of Business, technology is a vital component of all programs.

The online Executive MBA program conducts the entire program online, delivering the same courses by the same professors as in the “traditional” EMBA. But even our “traditional” EMBA is now a hybrid EMBA with a portion of some courses taught in-class and online and other courses in the hybrid program taught fully online.

Other George Mason business school programs integrate technology from the start with online applications, online course registration; and all of this is before classes even start. Once classes begin, students often have a blended learning environment engaging various uses of technology to improve learning, boost engagement, and increase program flexibility. Classrooms are fully technology capable and Mason has even added videoconferencing and telepresence technology to some classrooms.

If you are considering a graduate degree program, be sure to review the programs use of technology prior to committing to a program. No matter what field you are pursuing, technology will be there to support you, enhance your learning, and connect you with individuals globally.




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