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GMAT Overview

Source: via Women on Business on Pinterest   Preparation is key to your overall success on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). In past blog posts, we’ve discussed where the GMAT started, along with predictions of future changes. Now, for those considering attending business school, here’s a brief overview of the GMAT based on […]

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The Changing Face of the MBA

Source: via Andrew on Pinterest   Aside from the introduction of online courses in 1987, MBA programs have faced few revolutionary changes in recent years. However, the inclusion of social and environmental themes within the curriculum have elicited subtle modifications across numerous MBA programs. The infographic above outlines how some of these changes are […]

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Navigating Your Route to an MBA

MBA Paths and Their Payoff infographic by benpham. In previous years, MBA students chose their career paths based solely on financial growth and career advancement. While these attributes will always remain vital when selecting an MBA program, modern day students are taking other circumstances into consideration such as a career field’s overall stress and satisfaction levels. The […]

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Key Characteristics of an MBA Student

Several driving factors lead students to MBA program enrollment: employment opportunity increases, development of skills, a higher salary. While each student’s reasoning for seeking an MBA program is unique, Harvard Business school recently posed the question “Are there certain characteristics successful MBA degree seekers possess?” Upon further investigation, researchers were able to identify certain traits […]

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What It Takes to Get an MBA

Have a look at the infographic below for a plethora of information pertaining to applying for or entering into an MBA program. Source: viaDR4WARD on Pinterest   Pursuing a career within the business world during uncertain economic times is risky without the proper qualifications and previous industry experience. Due to these circumstances, mastering the […]

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