Put your best application forward: Acing your application

January 24, 2012


As you consider your application for the MS in Real Estate Development, we invite you to share in the accumulated wisdom of our School of Management graduate admissions staff.   Collectively, they estimate that they have reviewed hundreds of thousands of applications, essays and resumes.  Here’s a look at some of what they’ve learned along the way….


Acing your application668 copy2 Put your best application forward: Acing your application
Advice from Clodagh Bassett, Assistant Director, Master of Science in Technology Management

  • As soon as you start thinking about a graduate degree go ahead and request at least two copies of your undergraduate transcript(s).  You’ll need them from each school where you earned college credit.
  • Another note about transcripts–The most efficient way of delivering your transcripts is to have them sent directly to George Mason University at the address on the application form.  If the transcripts will be coming from you, be sure to submit them in their sealed envelopes.  This makes them “official.”
  • Almost every graduate program will ask for a goals statement. Why not play around with ideas? Type one out, leave it for a few days then revisit. Keep doing that until it’s ready to go.

Next up: Putting the icing on your resume


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