Acing your application: Make the most of your interview opportunity

bullseyeAs you consider your application for the MS in Real Estate Development, we invite you to share in the accumulated wisdom of our School of Management graduate admissions staff.   Collectively, they estimate that they have reviewed hundreds of thousands of applications, essays and resumes.  Here’s a look at some of what they’ve learned along the way….

Make the most of your interview opportunity
Advice from Jackie Buchy, Assistant Dean, Graduate Enrollment, School of Management

Practice Practice Practice!  Preparing for an interview is just an important as the interview itself.  Dress the part, be on time or even better, show up a few minutes early.

  1. Anticipate questions so you can present your best self.  Practices answers to those questions by providing the best examples to demonstrate why you are the right fit for the position you are seeking. Use the details of the job description to speak to examples of how you meet and exceed the qualifications and experience they are looking for.
  2. Know the basics:
  • What are your strengths?  Weaknesses?  What are the names and backgrounds of the people you are interviewing with?  What if any, will your role be with them in this new position?
  • Don’t ask about anything you could find on the website.  This is your chance for face-to-face interaction, quality time to get answers to questions you are looking for that would not be found on a website.
  • Know what skills the position will require and be sure to demonstrate those skills if possible in the interview.  For example, if you will need to present, market, or promote in your potential new role, make sure you show how strongly you can do those things in an interview. 

Lastly, don’t become discouraged if you don’t achieve the success you were hoping for.  Look at each interview as an opportunity to enhance your interview skills, to frame the way you speak about yourself, your skills, and what benefit you will bring to an organization.  Remember, you are interviewing the organization and the people as well.  This needs to be a good fit for you as much as a good fit for them. 


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Janet Palmisano

Janet Palmisano is a member of the Recruiting and Admissions team at the George Mason University School of Business.

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    Marc Rasmussen


    “Dress the part”

    This is very important. Appearances may not show the value of your work but it is important to make a good first impression. Someone came in the office today unannounced and sloppily dressed looking for work. She didn’t make it very far.


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