“Unrivaled” networking opportunity for Mason MRED students

by Erik Taylor, MS in Real Estate Development student, George Mason University

Mason Master’s in Real Estate Development (MRED) students who’ve taken classes with Mark Hassinger have undoubtedly heard him tout the myriad benefits of  membership in NAIOP, the commercial real estate development association. To paraphrase Mark, shame on you if you haven’t become a member. Membership dues are extremely modest for Mason grad students and the value of membership is immeasurable.

In fact, that value was on full display last Thursday, May 10, when I, and at least seven of my fellow MRED classmates, joined hundreds of NoVA commercial real estate industry professionals (including Mark) to participate in the association’s annual Bus Tour.

The tour provided a unique, “out of the classroom and into the world” opportunity to witness the real estate development life cycle – the vision, the raw ground, the construction and the assets – and to further reinforce how much I’ve learned about real estate development in my first academic year at Mason. Incidentally, the networking opportunity was unrivaled.

I certainly share Mark’s sentiment with regard to the benefits of NAIOP NoVA membership. However, I’ll leave the shaming of my fellow MRED classmates who’ve not yet become members of the association to him.


Photo courtesy of NAIOP NoVA




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