From the Silver Line to H Street: Mason Real Estate Grad Students Tackle Hot Topics

July 24, 2012


The searing summer heat had nothing on the sizzle in Room 173 of Enterprise Hall as the MS in Real Estate Development grad students in Professor Mark Hassinger’s real estate leadership class made their final presentations last week.  Their topics were among the hottest on the local real estate landscape.

Malcom Van de Riet (Vice President of Development at Jefferson Apartment Group), Meghan Logan (Specialist, Real Estate Operations at Verizon),  Bryan James (Bond Release Project Manager at Bohler Engineering) and David Brown (Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton)  explored the effects of Silver Line development on Reston (VA), tracing the complex relationship of financial, regulatory and urban planning objectives.  Bottom line—look for more mixed use development and higher tolls as master planners struggle to balance Metro’s arrival with Reston’s founding principles of inclusiveness, aesthetics and self-determination.

Roger Lin (Managing Partner at Southern Exposure Homes ), Huong Van ( Vice President of First Virginia Community Bank), and  Andre Chachere  (Principal at C Six Architecture, LLC) reported on the work of the 2030 Group, an organization of Washington Metropolitan area business leaders focused on advancing regional decision making with the goal of strengthening the regional economy, employment opportunities and economic development.

“What we took away from our interviews with people like 2030 Group President Bob Buchanan (Principal, Buchanan Partners) and Dr. Stephen Fuller (Mason’s Center for Regional Analysis) was an understanding of the larger problem at hand and the tremendous opportunity in the Washington Metropolitan Region. Housing, transportation infrastructure, and work force education needs will be staggering. As students and professionals in real estate development, this research project has turned into a call to arms for us and our colleagues as we prepare for the future.”

You can read more about these student research findings on the 2030 Group web page.

Shadi Sendi (former development consultant in Saudi Arabia) and Erik Taylor (full-time Mason grad student) took the class into the District for an enthusiastic look at how government, philanthropic, business and community interests—along with a $50million infrastructure infusion—have aligned to transform the once blighted area into a new hub of urban living and entertainment.

“I really was passionate about this research project, ” said Taylor.  “It’s exactly the kind of work I hope to be involved in someday.”


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    This student research would do a lot for the real estate industry. It’s great that there are still individuals like these who pursue a research project into a life long commitment.


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