Recent Grad Reflects on his Mason MRED Experience

nickrubino2As a valuation analyst at Colliers International, recent MRED graduate Nick Rubino is used to taking a comprehensive view of the property at hand.  In this short interview, he applies that same lens to his experience in the Mason MRED program.

  1. What specifically in terms of skills, abilities and/or opportunities were you hoping to gain when you came into the Mason MRED program?

Before entering the program I had work experience in real estate lending.  I wanted to build on that experience by focusing on real estate development and had a particular interest in real estate appraisal.  My hope was to learn more about valuation, finance and risk. Eventually I hoped to transition to a career in real estate.

  1. Have those expectations been met? How?

The MS in Real Estate Development exceeded my expectations.  I learned how to analyze properties from many different perspectives and I feel confident in my ability to work with experienced industry professionals.  Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to work for Colliers International as a Valuations Trainee.  I believe that I would not have had this opportunity if I did not enter the Mason MRED program.

  1. What surprises—unexpected gains, challenges—have there been along the way?

The professors and coursework at Mason not only gave me an academic foundation for the future, but I think it made me a better overall employee and a better person.  Their real world approach put you in the middle of situations that developers and real estate professionals face every day.  I was able to work with other students from various backgrounds in the real estate field to find creative solutions to complex real estate problems.

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Janet Palmisano

Janet Palmisano is a member of the Recruiting and Admissions team at the George Mason University School of Business.

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