Meet the Spring 2014 Mason MRED Class

The Mason Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MRED) program attracted an unusually high number of applications for Spring  semester and with a limited number of seats, admission standards became very selective.  

 Meet our new candidates for the Mason MS… GeorgeMasonstatue

  • An Eastern European real estate professional, bringing extensive experience in brokerage, land sales and market research with Pulte-Europe and PNB Paribus, who selected MRED to learn US style development strategies.
  •  The current Director of Facilities for a major capital-area Federal credit union who is currently developing a new corporate headquarters and needs enhanced land development expertise.
  • A couple of home-grown civil engineers (George Mason and Virginia Tech) who are working for two of the region’s elite firms (Bowman and VIKA) managing high level development projects.  Both want to broaden their skill set to include finance, entitlement and marketing to better serve their developer clients.
  • A successful residential broker (former Rookie-of-the-Year) with Weichart who has recently accepted a position with Greystar Fund (#1 lender in the HUD multifamily space) and needs MRED’s real estate finance focus.
  •  A veteran of the DC office of Brookfield Office Properties whose career goal is to move from property management to development.
  •  The manager of a private equity fund specializing in acquiring multifamily properties in the Pittsburgh area will be relocating to NoVa for our superior real estate market and will rely on MRED to learn development skills and plug into the local network.


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Janet Palmisano

Janet Palmisano is a member of the Recruiting and Admissions team at the George Mason University School of Business.

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