Meet Mason MRED Student Brian Veith

June 26, 2014

Student Perspectives

As Assistant Director of Student Housing at the National Multifamily Housing Council, Brian Veith works with every sector of the apartment industry–from ownership and development to management and finance.  

As he begins his second year in the Master of Science in Real Estate Development program, Brian reflects on the  “foundation of real estate knowledge” he’s gained in the last year and where it may lead him in the future…

 What were you hoping to gain when you came into the Mason MRED program? 

I wanted to learn what it took to develop a raw piece of land into the finished product and to be able to have intelligent, informed conversations with the real estate professionals I deal with on a daily basis.  I also was looking to gain an informed perspective on what makes a piece of real estate a good investment. .BrianVeith

I chose the Mason MRED program because its reputation is growing rapidly throughout the Metro area. I thought this program would open up opportunities within my current organization and possibly open the door to new opportunities in the real estate field down the line.  I also knew that I would be able to connect with individuals who plan to work in our region for a long time.

Have your expectations been met? 

 Yes. Throughout the past year I have learned a great deal about real estate investment, development, entitlements and real estate law. I’ve gained a solid foundation of real estate knowledge that I’m able to apply on a daily basis.

I have been impressed with the networking opportunities that the program has provided. The monthly “Role Model Fridays” are a good opportunity to hear from previous graduates and others working in the industry.  One of the highlights of my MRED experience was listening to Til Hazel  at the Annual Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship Leadership Lecture in February.

Living in Arlington and taking classes in Founders Hall—that’s been a definite plus too!  I was glad to hear the program was moving to the Arlington campus this Fall.

Any surprises or challenges along the way?

My goal has been to complete the program in two years and at times I’ve found it challenging to balance work and school obligations. But it can be done—and I’m on track to graduate this Spring.


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