Financing Small Scale Development

Real estate developers face unique challenges assembling the capital stack to fund small scale development projects.  Without access to money center banks—and often regional banks—they must go to friends and family and credit cards.  But these funds only go so far.  Where do they go next? That was the subject of a recent standing-room-only workshop […]

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How Will the Millennials Affect Real Estate Development?

Any one you know? Rents in the city–prefers a “walkable” neighborhood; single, no children but spends freely on a beloved pet; may not own a car; sleeps with cell phone. From delayed home buying to perpetual telecom connectedness, the preferences of the Millennial Generation have been well documented. But what affect will this generation’s habits […]

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George Mason MS in Real Estate Guest Speakers Rock the House (or at least Founders Hall)

For  George Mason MS in Real Estate Development students, discussing real-world scenarios with leading industry practitioners is a key part of the learning experience. On any given Tuesday evening this fall, you’ll find the students in Professor Mark Cummings’ Real Estate Market Analysis class immersed in commercial real estate market data—applying that information to real-world […]

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