Technology Management in the 21 Century

Since the start of Techman in 1998, we’ve had over 550 MSTM graduates – alumni who are having successful careers as CIOs, corporate and division presidents, entrepreneurs, project and program managers, consultants and technology specialists. MSTM alumni are in industries spanning the full range of technology management including in IT, cybersecurity, robotics, Health IT and telecom and are contributing and having an impact in business, government, nonprofits and society overall.

Also over the 15 years, technology is having a greater impact on industries leading to the creation of new industries and consolidation of others.   Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins in her talk at the recent All Things Digital D10 conference called it the “re-imagination of nearly everything”   noting changes in news (delayed and dedicated news staff to real time and citizen reporting), music (albums and CDs with dedicated players to online services such as Spotify), TV (preset channels to YouTube and personalized content) and coupons (from paper to services such as Groupon that are personalized and location aware).

In order to keep pace with the industry and technology changes and to better prepare graduates for the changes in careers and career paths corresponding to industry changes, we’ve modified and updated individual courses during the years but have not undertaken an overall update of the MSTM curriculum.

Until this year –

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of the newly approved and updated Techman curriculum starting in January 2013.  We’ve had input from faculty, alumni and industry and International Academy of CIO partners and believe that the updated curriculum will best serve current students, provide opportunities for alumni and maintain the Mason MSTM program as one of the leading technology management and CIO programs not just in the U.S. but in the world.

The two major topic changes are greater focus on emerging technologies and innovation;  and increased coverage and mapping to the CIO Core Competencies. The emphasis is on learning modules:

Emerging Technologies and Innovation

IT Executive Leadership and CIO

Business Foundations and Strategy

Leading Change and Managing Opportunity

Applied Business Planning and Global Perspectives

Visit our COURSES webpage for details.

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Clodagh Bassett

I am the assistant program director of the Master of Science in Technology Management program. In my more than 13 years working with this program, I have seen students grow and mature within the program to achieve their career goals. My goal is to always have a satisfied customer/student.

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